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Trand Group LTD is a multinational company that aims to buy and sell currencies and cryptocurrencies in the Cryptocurrency market there must be enough experience and knowledge to enter any market The Cryptocurrency market is also risky, but if you have enough expertise, it will be a profitable market Our history started at 2012 when we tried to make their first investments on Cryptocurrency. Since then the team has grown up to 120 people and every one of us is a real professional. pro gathered the talented analysts, successful traders, IT-specialists.
We went a long way towards creating a hedge fund: accumulated experience, collected statistics, created strategies. Now we can say that each of us is a successful person. But the employees are not staying still. The desire for constant growth makes us move on. Our goal is to enter the market of big players. The initial investment portfolio has already been formed and we have a stable profit pool and obtained the status of an officially registered company in the UK. But it's time for the next step. We offer our clients to use our experience and knowledge to generate income. This will make us the leaders in the investment market. Our mission is to get a long-term return on each investment by minimizing risks. builds only safe, transparent and honest relations with its investors. We believe in the future of cryptocurrency because it entered the exchange markets on a strong note. Success in this sphere is assured to everyone, who gets the hang of managing risks in this sphere. runs automatically on the blockchain and its smart contract is uploaded to the Ripple blockchain. No one can edit or delete the smart contract, nor influence its autonomous operation. The dividends are also automatically paid through the smart contract. Our employees will edit all your contracts with the utmost care and speed and will pay your interest on your account in due time.


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Wales Britania

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46-50 Lupus Street London SW1V 3EB England


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- To perform innovative and significant projects as a leading investment company in cryptocurrency nowadays, the world’s wider money supply (M2) is about $ 95,000 billion. As a new form of money, the cryptocurrencies currently represent $ 370 billion of that value, which only accounts for 0.36% of the money supply. If the use of cryptocurrencies continues to expand, their share in the money supply may significantly increase.
Deposit at the market size of
Cryptocurrencies : 0.36%
Gold : 6%
Money : 93%
A 5% increase in the share of cryptocurrencies in the m2 money supply If the cryptocurrency market share were to increase to 5%, which is approximately the size of the gold market, the current investment of EUR 1000 would increase to approximately EUR 10 000 – 20,000. - To provide high quality and competitive services to various private and governmental clients
-To fulfil undertaken obligations in compliance with the Quality Management System
-To comply with the rules of Occupational Health and Safety and Environmental Management as well as contracts, specifications, rules and regulations in all investment
-To provide continues training to all its employees
-To meet clients’ expectations and achieve their satisfaction by developing optimum solutions
-To measure and improve continuously the established quality management system through the participation of all its employees
-To achieve clients satisfaction and quality standards and continuously improve these by trusting in the support and productivity of its employee
-To ensure sustainable client satisfaction by use of resources economically, effectively and efficiently.


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ISO 9001 Certificate No: 8421

ISO 14001 Certificate No: 6542

OHSAS 18001 Certificate No: 80854

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